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Onstage Connect is a social platform for music professionals. Members can access an exclusive set of promotional, networking and social tools for communicating and collaborating with other professionals around the world. Reach out to new peers with an invitation to check out your portfolio. Sharing your work and collaborating, you and your new connections can forge a lasting professional relationship, using all the tools available via the Onstage platform.

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Onstage Connect lets you selectively share your music with other members - across the room or across the globe. Record and upload Soundbites, and swap feedback with ease. With Onstage Soundbites, you can leave comments, attach scores and post to your Onstage Site, all from within the Onstage platform.

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Ever wanted to expand your professional network? Using Onstage Connect, you can meet other musicians like you, and establish long-lasting professional relationships with industry peers and leaders. Once connected, you can share works in progress, contact details, event updates and more.

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Take Onstage anywhere with you. The Onstage Recorder app lets you record, share and annotate your sounds wherever you go. Any uploaded soundbites sync instantly across your entire Onstage platform presence. Share instantly with via Onstage Connect or on your Onstage Site.

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Onstage Connect works seamlessly with Onstage Sites - the easiest way for professional musicians to build professional looking websites. With just a few clicks, you can showcase your music online, available instantly to fans and industry leaders. All media you upload to Onstage Sites is immediately available to share with your peers on the Onstage Connect community (but you can choose to keep this private if you wish). Your network will be notified of all the upcoming events, latest music and newest photos posted to your Onstage Site.