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Onstage Sites is the easiest tool to create and maintain a website entirely by yourself. With many different options that simply make this task a breeze.

Theodosii Spassov

Mit der Homepage von Onstage ist es einfach, jederzeit aktuell zu sein. Unkompliziert hat man die Seite mit wenigen Klicks aktualisiert, egal ob Fotos, Audio oder Video.

Sara Hugelshofer

Onstage is by far the best platform that I have came across for creating a personal website. It’s extremely intuitive to use, easy to build and customize, looks great on all devices and their support is astounding. If you you are a musician and you are looking for an easy way to make a website definitely check them out!

Rossen Nedelchev

I love my website on Onstage Sites. Its beautiful and super easy to use and update. The layout is clean and beautiful and the content is featured in a very professional and artistic way. I don't have to pay someone hundreds of dollars every time I want to add new production photos and update my schedule or bio. I could just do it myself. I love being connected to other musicians as well. As a professional musician, its a great business decision to be a part of.

Ola Rafalo

As a music director and a conductor with many different tasks to do, my website is something that I never had the time for. With my agent we came upon Onstage and it was a brand new world for us. The possibility to update my personal information and my concert schedule is best. Onstage eliminates the burden of always depending on a third party for website design and content changes.

Dian Tchobanov

The professionals at Onstage have taken care of all the complicated things associated with developing your own website into a shallow task, so you have time to dig deep into your music.

Martin Doykin

Onstage is more than "a website creator tool", it is a kind of art. Quite impressive are the different types of designs and the options Onstage gives the artist. One is not fixed to one template but can choose the best for a band or an artist.

Global Society

With Onstage I was finally able to quickly create simple website that looks great! What I like the most about Onstage is that their service is available 24/7 and always ready to help you.

Filip Novosel